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Our story begins with a vision.

Picture this: an employee experience that is positive, productive and aligned with your company’s programs, mission, and culture.

With Envoque, this is quickly becoming a reality.

Employee engagement strategies


At Envoque, we’re committed to the re-imagining of the employee experience.  Long gone are the days of hefty PDF documents and one-size-fits-all communications.

It takes real personalization to effectively reach and engage employees today.  We know it, the employees know it, and HR organizations know it… but they just need some help delivering on it.

creating envoque

The founders of Envoque are passionate about solving this problem.  Together, with a talented creative team and over 20 years of improving employee engagement through HR communications and content, they’ve cracked the code on helping enterprises build and support a thriving employee experience for a continually diverse and evolving workforce.

That’s why we’re proud to introduce Envoque: The first HR content & communications agency focused entirely on the employee experience.


We are committed to building the best-in-class HR content & communications agency focused on the employee experience.

Our Mission

Help growing enterprises to transform their employee experience and drive more engagement within their workforce than ever before.

Our Goals

Be a trusted HR partner, and leverage our content and consumer media expertise, so that we can deliver engaging content and communications throughout the employee lifecycle.


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